Course information

Learning goals

At the end of this course, students will be able to;

  • Define the role of design at different levels of behavior change.
  • Classify the factors (individual, social, environmental, etc) that affect behavior change.
  • Analyze opportunities and potential areas for influencing behavior through design.
  • Design a framework/model to design interventions for behavior change
  • Design interventions by evaluating the models and frameworks of behavior change.
  • Evaluate the design decisions for changing behavior through design by analyzing and reflecting on those decisions

Weekly course plan

Week Lecture
13 Nov Introduction and discussion of the expectations

Introduction to the DfBC – Introductory lecture to the behavior change models and discussions.

Theories of Behavior Change – and their contribution to design – Armağan Karahanoğlu & Geke Ludden

20 Nov Behavior Change from psychology perspective – Pro-social behavior – Thomas van Rompay·

Empowerment and self-management – Jelle van Dijk

27 Nov Long term experience in behavior change – Jelle van Dijk·

Personalization and Sports Experience – Armağan Karahanoğlu·

Case: An example of the influence on changing running behaviour – Bas Coenen

4 Dec Behavior Change and Sustainability – Laura Piscicelli·

Health Behavior Change – Geke Ludden

11 Dec Presentation of design ideas & Discussion on Ethics of Behavior Change
18 Dec Different types research for understanding the impact of design
8 Jan On Demand Progress Meeting (to be scheduled by the students)
15 Jan Drafts ready for the workshop on writing a paper – 4 of us. Almost ready papers – peer review. Come up 3 major comments. Pitches on outline of the paper.
22 Jan Submission of Final Paper & Coaching opportunity on design
29 Jan Final Presentation: Symposium in D4BC


Name Weight Description
Presentation of Design of Intervention 50 Intermediate Presentations – Process (%30)

Outcome (how it draws on DfBC frameworks and theory and contributes to behavior change) (%20)

Final Report 30 1 final paper
Final Project Presentation 20 1 final project presentation

Recommended study material

Design for Behaviour Change: Theories and Practices of Designing for Change – Kristina Niedderer, Stephen Clune, Geke Ludden – ISBN/EAN: 9781472471987

Location of the lectures

The lectures of the course are all given in the Designlab – CONNECT.